Friday, 19 December 2008

Challenge 4: Jack Frost/Sugar Plum Fairy


Wuddap jack! I couldn't resist but to give him... well... some Spirit lol I had way too much fun with this piece. I wanted to desaturated most of his colors except the scarf. It just punches it out for me. Anyway I hope you all have a great holiday season! And take care of each other! Peace and Luv!

ps. DAVE u have to check this program, you will luv this i'm sure.
It is one of the most interesting brainstorming program i have ever come accross!
All the tutorials are there to show u how to use it. And the program is free for any operating system. Andrew Jones i think help create this program and it is absolutely messed up (in a cool twisted artsy way) lol.


Dave Dind said...

His city MELTS!!

That's a 'cool' (HA!) idea! I'd love to see him bouncing around town fighting winter-time crime :D

Muy inspirationale!

Madd Sketch said...

Arigato Dave San

flora li said...

Very nice! I especially like the cast shadow from his hat. There's a great film noir feel to this.

Sandy said...

he's very lively! Love it!

Sevenstrokes said...

I like it too! Like Flora says, the shadow from the hat adds a lot to this guy.

Jeanette Mercado said...

Wow great job Sketch! I love the details in the scarf! A really cool idea mixing it up with The Spirit. This is an awesome character!!