Saturday, 20 December 2008

Challenge 4: Jack Frost/Sugar Plum Fairy

I really wanted to do something ballet-like but I really haven't been able to make a lot of time to draw something finished as I'm on a job that has nutso hours and doesn't really let me draw during the day. Anywho, I did the sketch above the other week when things were still a bit slow, but I haven't had a chance to take it into the final stages yet. I'm going to see what I can do about that though!
This was the very first idea that I had for this topic, which did not end up turning out as cool as I thought it would. I've had it sitting in draft mode for a while now, but I figured I'd post it along with my more thought out Sugar Plum Fairy. Here's a little story I came up with for this guy:

The Zombie Moth (also commonly known as the Galaxy Moth) has been nicknamed 'The Sugar Plum Fairy' for it's nearly insatable desire for the sweet innards of plums. The distinctive pattern on the Sugar Plum Fairy's wings help it to ward off would-be predators while it feasts on plums.

Hope ya like 'em!

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Jeanette Mercado said...

Whoa!! The first fairy, her costume looks really cool! Great idea! I'd want to try another version of mine with her costume! Hope you will get to flush it out more, the sketches are very intriguing.

The Galaxy Moth looks really sick! I can't get enough of that texture and the colour effect! And the way the white feathers out really gives it more dimension. Beautiful twist on the sugar plum fairy!