Monday, 15 December 2008

Challenge 4: Jack Frost/Sugar Plum Fairy

Hail Members of the League of Creation!

Let's get right to it! The next topic challenge is: Jack Frost/The Sugar Plum Fairy!

You can do either or, or if you're really in the Christmas spirit, why not do both?! The choice is yours! Let your imagination run amok! It's great that this topic came up when it did because Christmas is almost right smack in the middle of it!

This challenge will end on Monday, December 29th.

Happy Holidays again!

P.S. All the posts for the last topic were stellar! Way to go Leaguers! One more thing; when posting, please make sure that you only have the current challenge topic title in your label when posting. It helps to keep everything organized! League HQ is working on improvements to the way that posts are organized, so keep an eye out for that! Oh! and don't hesitate to send suggestions to


Sevenstrokes said...

Oh man. I can't believe I missed the sea creature deadline. I'll have to submit that with this one I guess? This one sounds like it could be fun too :)

Madd Sketch said...

i guess i'm doing jackfrost cause i already have some ideas for it lol. I should do it rite now before i forget lol.