Monday, 24 November 2008

Challenge 2: Robots

"Ho ho ho~ Just a stroll through the city"

I tried to make this guy look angry but he ended up with a metal unibrow instead.


Sevenstrokes said...

Lmafo! Wow that is so hilarious! Great job. He is really cute though yes I'm sure he wouldn't want to hear that :D I bet if ou lowered his brow to fringe over the eyes he would look angier :)

Madd Sketch said...

holy moley that looks awesome!!

Sevenstrokes said...

Flora, did you use illustrator?

Dave Dind said...

It looks like he's wearing a samurai helmet! Those cresent moon ones! Samurai Robot gonna bust down your house with missiles! Booya!

It almost looks like you ripped this from a page in children's book! Although maybe robots with deadly missiles is a little too much for a kids book....unless they are happy missiles that spread flowers!

Great job Flora!

Sandy said...

AHHHH! It's so good Flora! It's so action-packed! I like robots with unibrows! haha I say this is epic =)

flora li said...

Thanks guys! :)

Pieter: Yup, pen tool in Illustrator!