Friday, 21 November 2008

Challenge 2: Robots

This is Robo. He made a heart but doesn't know who to give it to.


Sandy said...

awwww I love Robo!!! so cute! and I like how you coloured him! not too bold...just right! great first submission cassie!

cassandra said...

wahhh youre making me blush!

flora li said...

Cassie! This is so cute and so you :) Such an endearing story to go along with Robo too ♥

Dave Dind said...

That heart looks like freakin' panties! Ah! I'm such a perv!! WHY?! I love it though!

I'm gonna call up someone that I know who knows someone at Pixar and get Robo into Wall-E 2. Keep your eyes on your inbox!*

Well done Cassie! Now do a million more! *high five*

* Not an actual promise. :D

Sevenstrokes said...

Aww that is wayyy too cute! Nice job Cassandra :) I also like the colour choice, not too saturated or intense. It really suits it. I do have to say, the heart reminds me of panties too. Maybe I am in the same boat mentally as Dave there. lol