Monday, 24 November 2008

Challenge 2: Robots

Flora's wicked piece inspired me to do another one :) Not as much time put into this one obviously. Go Flora! Anyways...


Dave Dind said...


I TOTALLY thought at first that the broccoli was a tree, which lead me to think that this was taking place at a gas station vending machine!

I really like the 'design' of the Robo Soda; it's like all of that stuff was just hiding under the can the whole time! And that Spam Jam better watch it's transparent ass!

This is really great Pete! You've inspired me to take some time today and attempt another robot!

*high five*

Sandy said...

hehehe having a soda robot in the fridge is scary! I wonder what he's been up to...I love the colours used!

Pieter said...

Thanks Dave *high five* I'm glad it inspired you man :) I personally don't want to know what Spam Jam would taste like.

Pieter said...

And thanks Sandy, lol

flora li said...

lol glad that my entry had inspired you to create this! interesting concept... interesting and very scary haha, spider cola!

i imagine that Spam Jam would have some form of meat content..