Thursday, 11 June 2009

Challenge 15: 3 Panel Comic Strip

I struggled with this one hehe. This comic is simply a representation of those days that change our lives.  In my life thus far, the significance of such days are rarely based on particular events.  Instead, their significance is most often based on sharing time with those close to us.  I often find myself at the end of such days knowing "I will remember this day". More specifically, I find myslef thinking "I will remember how i FELT today".  I'm not sure if any of you have ever had that same feeling at the end of a day- though I'd presume you have.  Each time I get that sensation, it's like as if a part of me gets retained in that instant.  In a way, the end of such a day is saddenning.  However, it is also comforting to know that our state of mind that day can be forever captured and remembered.  I feel as though the collective of these instances have the power to really guide and mold us.  I'm always happy when I realize that today is a daywhere a part of me will always stay.  

Anyways lol it's obvious that my comic doesn't even come close to encapsulating the thought, but I thoughtt I would share anyways! Hope you enjoy. 

Oh and please listen to the opening music to the track Paris by Groove Armada while looking at the comic haha. Somewhat of an inspiration.  

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Dave Dind said...

This strip really goes along with what you typed. I totally know what you're talking about too. The most significant example for me is going on vacations as a kid. I can remember how I felt at an exact time and place during a trip, and it does feel as though I piece of you gets almost stuck in time there, frozen if you will.

I'm still really digging the loose, painterly feel of your stuff Scott. I can't wait to see your next piece for the league!