Thursday, 4 June 2009

Challenge 14: Red Riding Hood

I bought a tablet recently and thought I'd try drawing non-vector stuff for a change. This is tough! I miss vectors already lol...

Work in progress at the moment. Got inspired by Scott's idea of a bitter Red Riding Hood that's become a wolf hunter. I was going to draw her hood made of wolf's skin.. and most of her clothes too but ended up straying super far from that and reached this generic anime character deal :(   I'll fix it up soon! Otherwise this belongs more to the "Anything" challenge.


So things are getting very busy and I still haven't finished this :( WIP stage 2 posted up for critique.

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Scott said...

Flo-rida this is dope! im reading your little notes and realizing that we had some very similar ideas. the boots on my red riding post were supposed to be wolf skin and i even gave her a wolf's tooth bracelet on her right arm! haha crazy. (great minds?? jks) but thats a really dope pose and I believe she's holding an axe which is pretty great too - goes with the story great. the kanji brush hair is reminding me of Blade of the immortal which is rad. This could totally be an rpg character!