Monday, 25 May 2009

Challenge 14: Little Red Riding Hood

I wonder what would happen if the wolf had gotten away? Maybe Red would have grown up and sought revenge. Kinda what I was going for in these sketches. hehe. Does an alternate story ending count?


Dave Dind said...

The top one is boss! I'm LOVIN' the addition of the katana. Talkin' 'bout Red Ridin' Samurai! :D

...Makes me happy :)

I also enjoy that I can very clearly see your brush strokes AND what they are supposed to represent at the same time. That's something I'd like to learn!

Scott said...

byaaaa! thanks dude. alsmost more of a character "inspired" by red riding hood i suppose. I thought of just calling her Red Hood haha. and regarding the brush strokes - I'm not terribly good at it but ive always enjoyed when artists can use negative space and shadows as a mojor component of a certain piece. I hope I can improve!