Sunday, 8 February 2009

Challenge 7: Old People

Ha ha! He looks more like an alien from Star Trek, but whatever. Some old men look like aliens anyways. I basically followed Sevenstrokes take on old people with the squinted eyes. Hell, maybe these two can date! If she doesn't mind pleasant decapitated heads with fur growing out of his ears. (And I don't know why I always forget that scanning blue pencil work hardly ever scans right...I'll never learn *sigh)


Madd Sketch said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! I luv it!!!!!

Sevenstrokes said...

Heyyyy really nice job Jeanette!
He is a handsome devil isn't he? ;) (except maybe he could use a trim in a few places lol) If my lady is single I'm sure she'd be interested hahahaha.