Friday, 12 December 2008

Challenge 3: Sea Creature

Piglet Squid, Helicocranchia pfefferi 

"This funny looking squid is about the size of a small avocado and can be found most commonly in the deepwater (greater than 100 m or 320 ft) of virtually all oceans. Its habit of filling up with water and the funny location of its siphone with a wild-looking 'tuft' of eight arms and two tentacles had prompted scientists to name it the piglet squid."– Zooillogix

Voil√†, a strange little find from the deep seas! Not too much info about these guys online... but for some reason, they really seem to swim like this (upside down?). 


Sevenstrokes said...

Aww its so cute! I like it a lot, especially the tentacles and the colour choices :) Nice texture on the piglet squid's (the spigs? :p) body too and the writeup is a nice touch.

Dave Dind said...

Holy mackeral (fish reference!) that's awesome! I love the presentation too! It feels like I'm watching some kind of deep sea slide show!

Way to rock the challenge!

Jeanette Mercado said...

Awesome Flo! Yeah I really love the colours! And I love how plump it looks! So cute! And the big eyes, that's what I was trying to do with mine's and then it just turned out sad..sigh.

Great job on the details too! Hehe!