Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Challenge 3: Sea Creature

Salute League members,

It's time to get organic again and create some...SEA CREATURES!

This can be ANYTHING that lives in the sea whether it's real (a 5 foot octopus) or fictional (a 500 metre octopus). League HQ suggests doing some research first because there are lots of weird sea creatures that live in the oceans that can be great sources of inspiration!

This challenge will end on Monday, December 15th.

Happy Holidays!


Sevenstrokes said...

Cool topic Dave. I just want to say about the idea of a prize for the most creative entries. I worry it may take a bit of the fun out of it since suddenly the blog would be a little competitive, y'know? I would like people just to have fun with this blog.

Dave Dind said...

Hey Pete,

Glad you like the topic!

I see what you're saying about the prizes, and the poll says that others feel the same way! Yay! Successful poll!