Sunday, 30 November 2008

Challenge 2: Robots

I must admit, I got lazy. This is a really quick sketch in my sketchbook that I just scanned. He is a random robot that dispenses fortunes, bubble gum, and post-it notes for anyone who wants one. Oh, and he also has 3 dependable robots who follow him. Be careful around them though...they're a bit protective of their master.


Dave Dind said...

That little kid is hilarious! He looks like a simplified Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes!

You know, I bet if you got your hands on a DIY munny and some sculpy, you could turn this sketch into the real thing!

Great idea :D

Sevenstrokes said...

Hey awesome job Sandy! I think that is a really fun concept. Keep it up :)

flora li said...

i'm so glad that you posted this! it's far too cute and creative to remain only in your sketchbook :)

hehe, the contents of the robot are similar to your desk..! the magic 8 ball of fortune, the snacks and of course.. post-it notes!