Thursday, 30 October 2008

Challenge 1: Vampires #2

I was at the bus and i was just sketching and this came out. I'm still warming up, so I might just wait for the next challenge lol.


Jeanette Mercado said...

looks awesome! (i'm beginning to feel like i'm using the same words to describe all these posts).. it looks stupendous!
i can't believe you could actually sketch on the bus like that! it also sort of reminds me of the Gargoyles, with the muscles and the pointed ears. looks great!!

don't wait for the next post :(
keep posting! im posting soon too!

Dave Dind said...

Now THAT is a dynamic vampire! And in a quick sketch no less!

I'll bet vampires are cold a lot, what with not wearing shirts very often. *sniffle*

I'm going to change schedule for this topic so the next one will be posted on Nov. 10, with subsequent topics arriving every second Monday.

Keep the inspiration flowin'!

Sandy said...

woah..scary but so interesting! I love your sketch! if I tried sketching on the bus, I would get dizzy!

Sevenstrokes said...

Cool, the classic wings are in there too. It almost looks like he has a pair of goggles. That'd be kinda neat. Keep it coming man.