Thursday, 30 October 2008

Challenge 1: Vampires #2


There's also the ladies...  the succubus, or succubi (plural). Made popular by Capcom's very busty Darkstalkers character, Morrigan Aenslead.

This line art = very ancient. Toning = not as ancient.

What's with the huge hand? at the time I thought it was cool, haha


Jeanette Mercado said...

whooa! much different than the cute pixel art! looks awesome!!
yeah you weren't kidding about the busty part lol. and hey, i guess the large hand could be covering up her mega cleavage.

the tonal work looks really good! especially on her face. so cool! and i like her bat wings ears! its more subtle than the image. nice!

Dave Dind said...

Darkstalkers in the hizouse! Way to represent for the ladies!

Now I'm all into doing a lady vampire! which I mean 'drawing' a lady vampire of course. *ahem* If I did IT with a lady vampire I would end up AS a vampire! ...although that has it's pluses...*ponder*

Wicked post Flora!

Sevenstrokes said...

Neat, I like it. That is definitely a different direction! As Borat would say "Verrry niiiiice!"