Thursday, 7 May 2009

Challenge 13: Favorite Video Game Character

One of my favourite characters... Yaripon, the spear-throwing Patapon!

P.S. Still working on a cookhut..!


Dave Dind said...

Booya! That's spot on from the game too! I haven't had a chance to play Patapon, but I've seen a version of it online that you can play! I wanna try it out :D

Really nicely done! It's super tight and rockin' :D

Scott said...

wow thats so sick! love the hat poppin off - makes the toss that much more dynamic. i can almost here the chanting lol. cool bg gradient too

Sevenstrokes said...

Cool cool! Looking good!

cassandra said...

omg holy crap i thought that was a screenshot!