Sunday, 31 May 2009

Challenge 10: Anything

Hey guys! This is a piece I've been working on lately. Just a shot of some woman walkin her Akita (I love those dogs). If anyone has some helpful critiques I'd be glad to receive them! I'm really trying to work on my colouring lately as well as my digital painting in general, so I could use all the help I can get. Hope you enjoy!


flora li said...

The akita is so so cute~ I love it!

My only critique would be regarding her necklace. It looks like it'd need to be pretty windy to get it into that motion but the dog leash and her hair aren't following the same pull.

Your posts are awesome and so inspiring! keep it up, you've got mad skills Scott :)

Scott said...

thanks flora! i dunno about mad skill. maybe i just try really hard! haha. but thank you very much. Good call pointing out that necklace too! i always do stuff like that lol. my rookie mistakes blahh. thanks for the helpful critique i'll have to do a little work on that!

oh and believe me that ur vectors are equally/superiorly inspiring!