Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Challenge 11: Cookhut

Yeh um this was a little all over the place... lol i've been doing alot of experimenting and exploring, and this one was quite quick so i hope you guys like it.

I've been really busy with other stuff but i'll try to catch up for sure!


babbler said...

This is an In and Way Out Burger!

Dave Dind said...

Ha ha! This looks like something that your Dominance War entry would poop out after eating all of the opposing army :)

The smoke stacks remind me of motorcycle exhausts! Sheesh, I watched too much American Chopper!

The way that you carved out the forms on the fairly abstract shapes is great! It totally helps me to visualize the rest of the place in 3D. Oh! And the textures are a nice touch!

Madd Sketch said...

thnx guys, actually i was thinkin like Frank Gehry type of architecture where he just goes absolutely mad! and makes sense out of it lol. I've been really into those kinds of designs lately lol