Monday, 16 March 2009

Challenge 10: Anything

Run DJ Lance Rock! RUN DAMN YOU!

During the period of work today where my brain started to become ooze, I noticed that someone had a torn apart "Dancing Brobee" doll at their desk. You could see the horrible robotic innards exposed like a surf worn stone left sitting on the beach for thousands of years...

...I think I got too into that last bit.

So! That's the origin story (ever popular in comic books these days) of "Zombee Brobee"! All hail Zombee Brobee!

P.S. If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and visit already :D

P.P.S The above image is not currently finished. I'm going to add more dimension through colour/shadow soon.

1 comment:

flora li said...

touché on the hanging eyeball, haha~ if you had taken a different spin with the style on this idea, it could actually be pretty creepy. like zombie amusement park mascots or... Terminator Brobee (a.k.a. B-1000)!

P.S. props for the commentary about the surf worn stone on the beach, lol..!