Thursday, 19 February 2009

Challenge 8: Mayan Sun God

He is having a hearty breakfast! Get it? I know its cheesy :D


Dave Dind said...

Awwwwwwful...pun! Awfully GREAT!

This is one of those "I wish I had thought of that" ideas ;)

Really nicely done on the anatomy side too! I don't think I've seen you do a really muscley person before.

It's awesome!! Inspiring! If I didn't have to be at work tomorrow morning I would stay up and do another submission!

Keep 'em coming mate!

Sevenstrokes said...

Hey thank you very much Dave. I'd hoped you'd like that pun :P
Your tossing a lot of flattering words there man :) Making me blush dam it! lol Thank you very much!

I had some help with the idea because I have this book with some books on mythology and I read "oh yea... they eat hearts(more or less)" lol