Monday, 22 December 2008

Challenge 4: Jack Frost/Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy, sovereign of sweets

Cute and sweet was the goal for this entry. I tried to stick with limited colours that could remind people of cotton candy or pulled taffy.

Snowflake vectors from Vecteezy :)

Happy holidays everyone! 


Madd Sketch said...

omg sooo cute!!

kidmecha said...

Ah! wow, so pretty! feels nice and cool.

Sandy said...

You know I would love it!!! The colours are really nice...the way you did her hair was awesome! Very sweet indeed!

Sevenstrokes said...

This one has a lot of charm! I like the style a lot, especially how you've treated the limbs. Very cartoony and cute.

Dave Dind said...

Yipes! What a lovely entry for this challenge! It's so peaceful and calm, just like the ballet!

Jeanette and I saw The Nutcracker in person recently and it would have been super awesome if the SPF had looked like yours :D

Wonderful job!

Jeanette Mercado said...

Awwh sweet!! Yeah I really like the details in the hair! And the grey and pink work really well together. And it DOES remind me of pulled taffy! I think its because of her skintone mixed with the pink. Wow, spot on!