Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Challenge 2: Robots

In the future, no one will have any use
for hands...'cause these guys'll get shit for you!

The official submission date on this challenge has been extended by one (1) week so that everyone gets a chance to work out the kinks in their designs. I'll admit that this is a tougher challenge than I was expecting...but that's the nature of challenges!


If I may, I would like to type a bunch of words that I hope you will all read...

The driving idea behind the League is to help inspire it's members to dust off that pencil, tablet, or marker, get the cobwebs out of that grey matter and simply revel in the joy of creation on a regular basis. Know this; you're posts really DO help to inspire others! It's a far more difficult task to go it alone than when you have good friends by your side...which is a lesson that I reconsidered recently and is the reason why The league itself exists. This will always be a friendly place where you can come to find and pass on inspiration!

Truth be told, aside from drooling over everyone's inspiring creations so far, I have also been really enjoying the comments that go with them! I can't wait to read the funny and insightful things people have to say, and reading the comments makes me feel great because I know that people are paying attention to everybody's work, even if just for a few moments!

So, be it a little developmental sketch (ala the image above) or a full-blown illustration, keep in mind that this is a place where people are happily waiting to see your work no matter what it is! Any work posted helps to inspire others to join in on the fun! It definately helps me!

I hope that this little blurb helped to clairify what the League of Creation is all about!

Inspiration is the basis of Creation


Jeanette Mercado said...

Cool! It almost looks small enough people could wear it as a helmet!

Interesting and inspiring words about the League! I'll try and keep up!

Dave Dind said...

I'm glad (and a tiny bit surprised) that the scale of the little guy came through! I was spending too much time trying to come up with a big ass, super detailed robot, so I decided to go in the opposite direction and just do a small helper robot :D A Help-Bot! I have some more thumbnail designs that I want to flesh out, so I'll be posting those soon too!

I still need to write a proper "mission statement" for the League and have it readily available on the site...but I'm glad that you found that little blurb interesting AND inspiring!

Sevenstrokes said...

I like the idea behind the blog to be sure. I am going to stick with it as much as possible and my robot is still on the way, no fear. I'm a little surpised at the lack of response so far as well... especially after all the good stuff last round!
I do like your help bot though, Dave. That would be pretty useful to have around the house.

Madd Sketch said...

I can see the helper but fixing the big robot and stuff hehe. Thats awsome man!

I apologize on the lack of comments and posts. I was caught on a week of disappointments, pressure, and legalities. So I'm in a whole lot of crap, and i'm sorry. I have been looking at the Blog hoping that it will get my mind going and i've just failed epicly lol. hopefully i can redeem myself in this and help push this blog on a higher level where its more fun than thinkin its chore.

Sandy said...

small helper robots are cool! I want one...I'll trade you one for my bat parrot. =)

I will be posting soon...still churning ideas for it!

flora li said...

Thanks for the inspirational words Dave! I think I had the same issue as you and wanted to come up with something crazy and epic for this topic, haha.

I could see your Help-bot design being the type that hovers around and act as a spare set of hands! He's looking a little more malicious with the red lights... that could be the portable Punish-bot version ;)