Sunday, 9 November 2008

Challenge 1: Vampires

Almost 22 hours left! Well here's my post, finally. It's not that it took me a long time to do, (as you can see from the sketch) but I'm just a horrible procrastinator.

So Mr. Underbite-Vamps just wanted to make a lasagna. But now he faces his unavoidable fate of being turned to stone. Poor him. Oh well, the other vampires didn't even like him anyways because of his reverse biting techniques. Unfortunately, he was actually in the process of making a revenge lasagna to teach those vampires a lesson.

Moral of the story: Revenge can be bitter sweet...or just garlic-ky.


flora li said...

The garlic is so very detailed!

He's no longer suicidal but his story is still so sad! Due to his petrifying hand, he can't let go of the garlic... even if he wanted to :(

This is a great character, Jeanette! I love the sagging cape haha

Sandy said...

Awww so sad! I love the story behind it! It's very detailed, and the colouring on the garlic is awesome! I like how this vampire has a belly. :D Great work Jeanette!

Dave Dind said...

I love the way that you painted the cool! It has a lovely painterly feel to it that makes it look realistic but almost cartoony at the same time! I also enjoy the contrast between the sketchy drawing and the painted section...brilliant!

I can't wait to see what you post for the Robots challenge :D

Sevenstrokes said...

Hey looking good Jeanette! Yea nice job on the garlic :)