Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Challenge 1: Vampires

Ilmegrath -- Eldest Magium of the Nagrathey Clan

his will probably be my last submission for this topic as I have some other obligations to attend to this week and then the new topic will be posted on Monday. I wanted to add more items to help with the scale in this image because the Shaman is supposed to be really imposing in person, but I couldn't get them to work. I've tried a few other backgrounds and some character elements but they always fight with his silhoette, which I wanted to maintain. Hopefully you still get the sense that this is someone that you don't want to tangle with. If I met a dude in the forest who was floating off the ground a few inches I'd be heading in the opposite direct...

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind all current members to please remember to submit your topic suggestions, as at the moment I only have ones that I have come up with and a few submitted by Madd_Sketch, AKA Aaron. It would be great to have a bigger, more varied pool to draw from for the next topic, so try to get some in a.s.a.p! Thanks!

If you have friends who would like to join The Order keep in mind that it's best if we have people that will post regularly since this should be a place where you can go to a few times a week to be inspired by something new and cool! Send their email addresses to or send me a message on MSN.

I'm really excited and impressed by all the work that has been posted for the inagural challenge of The Order of the League of Creation! and I hope that so far everyone else is being inspired and feeling more and more like they want to create! Let's keep the momentum going!

I hope everyone had a Spooky Samhain and a Horrible All-Hallows-Eve!

Update: Turns out I wasn't a fan of the initial background after all, so I went and did something totally differnt. I'm going to take another stab at the first version and try to figure out how to do a sick black and white background :D The new BG elements are from a tutorial site called Photoshop Hero...check 'em out!


Sevenstrokes said...

Excellent job man. I like the new image with the red background a lot. Looks cool. The antlers seem almost larger than the vampire, as if the vampire were just a puppet of or only gave voice to the antlers themselves.

flora li said...
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flora li said...

Dave, this one will be giving me nightmares..!

Great atmosphere here.. very creepy with the backgrounds that you've created. You went all out! And it looks wicked. :)

I really like the old book page version. It's like those spooky cult books that have the huge history of the monster and just this one striking illustration to portray it in all its horror..!

Jeanette Mercado said...

Love this one!! I like how the one on the paper background looks almost like a symbol or stamp. Great idea with tangled antlers! It's like how spiders catch their prey. And the exposed ribs is a nice touch!

I don't know, I think if I saw him in the forest, I would just give him a great big hug. Looks like he needs one.

Sandy said...

wow...the 2nd version looks like something straight out of a video House of the Dead! Very scary...great execution Dave!