Thursday, 30 October 2008

Challenge 1: Vampires - # 3

Here's a little story/background I came up with for this piece:

The Nagrathey (pronounced "Nag-rrrath-eh") are a clan of vampire that live in the borreal forests of North America and Eastern Europe. They hunt in packs, worship caribo, moose, and Elk (hence the antlers on his noggin') and are lead by a 7000 year old shaman. This happy fellow is a low-level hunter/scout who has spotted something tasty.

This is after a piece by Joe Mirabello that features an undead creature and it's unfortunate victim. It reminded me of the illustrations in the Vampire: The Masquarde books, which I've never had the nuts to attempt until today!

C&C are welcome on this as I would like to improve my ability to render light and shadow correctly in 2-Dimensions.

Peace Out!


Jeanette Mercado said...

I love the lines and the contrast is awesome! Really cool back story too. Can't wait to see what the 7000 year old leader looks like!

Dave Dind said...

You've done it now! I hadn't considered that people would want to see the 7000 year old shaman! Better look out, because he's coming!

...just as a heads up, he'll most likely be pissed that you wanted to see him since he's 7000 years old and I imagine doesn't enjoy being bothered...sheesh.

Jeanette Mercado said...

So he's more a jerk shaman. I see..

I was thinking it would cool if the old shaman had a huge fur cape thing around his shoulders, made out of moose fur or something. But realized they actually worship moose, so.. maybe that wont make sense. Would be cool perhaps.

Dave Dind said...

You're going to ruin the surprise!

Madd Sketch said...

Wow I really like the idea, I think the momentum is really pickin up now cause I'm starting to get some ideas.

Dave Dind said...

Awesome! That's what I want to hear!

flora li said...

Very cool, Dave! The stark contrast is great and really lends to the mood.

Pretty unexpected to see this one... the vampire image getting back to more beast-like qualities (the muscular arms, the antlers, etc.).

Hmm... ideas ideas

Sevenstrokes said...

Dinder! I love the backstory with this one and I like the piece very much. I really dig the stark contrast. I can't really make out the antlers (though I LOVE the idea) It looks kind of messy on top of his head, which isn't bad, but I can't make out the antlers I mean :p

Dave Dind said...

Ha ha! Hey Pete! Yeah it's hard to see the antlers 'cause he has a crazy mess of tangled hair that's all wrapped around them, hehe. They were a lot more noticable before I put the BG/FG elements into the scene too. You'll have to wait for the Shaman to see some shit-crazy antlers ;)